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Is computer slang for "Late" as in "See you Later".
 Is computer slang for "Later" as in "See you Later".  
Layered Service Provider
LSPs are designed to integrate directly into your TCP/IP layer, the protocol you use to...
Library file
Library files contain groups of often-used computer code that different programs can share....
Link virus
Viruses are often classified according to the technique they use to infect. A link virus, as the...
Linux is an operating system that was derived from Unix. It is based on an open source policy,...
Is computer slang for for "Laugh my ass off".
Local Area Network
Is a term that denoted a series of comptuers or devices that are interconnected together in the...
Logic bomb
A logic bomb is a type of Trojan horse that executes when specific conditions occur. Triggers for...
Is computer slang for Laugh out Loud"
Is someone who is a constant visitor/reader to message boards but rarely posts on them.

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