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The Internet (sometimes referred to simply as ‘the net’) is a global system of...
ICS, Internet connection sharing, a method for connecting multiple computers in a LAN to the...
Is computer slang for the phrase "In my humble opinion".
In the wild (ITW)
A virus is "in the wild" (ITW) if it is verified as having caused an infection outside a...
Industry Standard Architecture
Is the original expansion slot specification of IBM PC's and the compatible computers that...
Infection is the action a virus carries out when it enters a computer system or storage device.
See: dropper.
Integrated Drive Electronics
A standard, also called ATA, designed to connect hard and removable disk drives.
Internet Control Message Protocol
The ICMP is a protocol that handles error and control messages for the IP protocol.
Internet Protocol
The IP is the protocol that handles the lower level functions handling data over the Internet.
Internet Relay Chat
IRC, is a protocol that allows users that connect to Internet Relay Chat Servers to have...
Internet Service Provider
 ISP, is a company that enables you, the consumer, to get access to the Internet.
Interrupt ReQuest
A signal sent by a device such as the keyboard or mouse to tell the CPU that it needs some...
Invalid Page Fault
This error message that is given by Windows is shown when a program attempts to access memory...
IP Address
An IP Address is the unique indentifier of a computer or device connected to the Internet. ...
IRC Channel
A channel is a chat room that is created on an IRC Network that allows people who are in that...
IRC Client
An IRC Client is a program that allows you to connect to an IRC Serv er and chat with other...
IRC Network
Is a series of IRC Servers that are identified as being part of a particular named network. ...
ISO Image
An ISO image (or ISO file) is a computer file that is an exact copy of an existing file system...

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